Economy class

  • Can I buy extra baggage in economy class?

    All passengers can buy extra baggage in advance during the booking process or at the airport.
    You can make an Extra Baggage purchase in advance:

    • At Booking and Information Center: +7(727)244-44-77 in Almaty, +7(7172)58-44-77 in Astana, or the Air Astana sales office;
    • On the official website or Air Astana mobile app, in the "Manage your bookings" section;
    • At the travel agency.

    Book additional baggage with a 30% discount 36 hours before your flight. Extra luggage will be charged according to the airport's standard rate for requests received less than 36 hours before the departure.

  • Do I get a travel kit in economy class?

    Travel kits are available in economy class only on international flights over 3 hours.

  • I am a Nomad Club member, how many bonus points will I earn when I fly in economy class?

    Depending on the fare and destination (international or domestic), Nomad Club members can earn up to 100% bonus points.
    Read more about economy class rates here.

  • How do I get more leg room on a plane?

    If you would like to choose specific seats for greater flight comfort, you can use the paid service MySEAT. Read more about MySEAT here.
  • Are meals served in economy class?

    Whether you're flying business or economy class, you'll enjoy healthy, delicious food and the best-presented food. The menu depends on the duration of the flight. You will be offered cold and hot drinks and sandwiches on short flights. On flights longer than 5 hours, you will be offered a hot meal, hot and cold drinks.
  • What is the best fare in economy class?

    MyCHOICE fare families allow you to find the most suitable fare according to your preferences. The most affordable fare in economy class is the Basic with a baggage-free one. There are also Classic and Economy Plus. Read more about rates here.
  • How do I order a meal in economy class?

    "Whether you're flying business or economy class, you'll enjoy healthy, delicious food and the best-presented food. If you have special preferences, you can order a special meal on most international and some domestic Air Astana flights. Meals may be ordered up to 24 hours before departure by contacting the call center, via Live chat/WhatsApp, or at the sales offices, as well as online via ""Manage booking"" on Air Astana's website or mobile application."
  • Can I rebook/return my economy-class ticket?

    You can rebook and change your flight date for free or with a penalty, depending on your fare. Read more about our rates here.�
  • What are the differences between Basic, Classic and Plus economy class tariffs?


    • No business lounge access
    • No refund
    • Payable rebooking
    • No Baggage
    • Cabin baggage - 8 kg
    • Nomad Club points - 50%


    • Without Business Lounge access
    • Refund ticket with a penalty
    • Rebooking fee
    • Baggage - 1 b.m. 23 kg
    • hand baggage - 8 kg
    • Nomad Club points - 100%


    • No Business Lounge access
    • No refund
    • Free rebooking
    • Baggage - 2 b.m. 23 kg
    • hand baggage - 8 kg
  • Nomad Club points - 100% (international flights) and 50% (domestic flights).
  • Read more details about fees here.

  • I bought an economy class-ticket, and it turned out to be baggage-free. Why?

    Our MyCHOICE fare families offer a variety of rates. It includes the Basic with baggage-free fare.
  • Can I bring a small suitcase as hand baggage in economy class?

    "Economy class passengers can carry one piece of hand baggage not larger than 56 x 45 x 25 cm and weighing no more than 8 kg. "
  • I'm afraid my baggage will weigh more than the allowable baggage allowance. How much luggage can I carry in economy class?

    "Depending on the fare, economy class passengers can carry 1 to 2 pieces of baggage weighing no more than 23 kilograms each free of charge. Read more about baggage allowance here."