Dangerous goods

  • How do I make a request for a gun transport?

    A request must be made at least 72 hours before departure. To confirm this request, please fill out this web form or make your request through an airline ticketing agency. In the request for the transportation of firearms, please specify the following:
    - Description and quantity of the weapon;
    - Model;
    - Description and weight of ammunition;
    - A Booking or ticket number.

  • What are the conditions for transporting weapons?

    Prior approval and additional charges are required for the transportation of weapons and ammunition.

    Weapons must be unloaded. Ammunition should only be for personal use, sporting and/or hunting purposes.

    Each passenger is allowed to carry no more than 5 kg of the total weight of the ammunition with the package (weighing is required).

    Ammunition must be securely packed and in standard commercial packaging. To complete all airport formalities in time, passengers should arrive at check-in 2 hours prior to departure, regardless of whether online check-in is available. Explosive and incendiary ammunition is prohibited.

    Read more here.

  • What are the gun shipping costs?

    Payment is made for one set: 1 weapon in a holster/case + 1 package with ammunition.


    The fares for your travel destination are listed here.

  • Can I carry weapons and ammunition?

    Firearms, model guns, daggers, folding knives and other aggressive-looking objects are only allowed in checked baggage.

    Please read the conditions of gun transportation here.

  • Can I carry e-cigarettes?

    Electronic cigarettes (including e-cigarettes, tubes, and other vaporizers for personal use) containing batteries must be carried only in hand baggage. For electronic cigarettes transported to international destinations, please clarify the rules for importing and exporting electronic cigarettes to/from the country of departure at the airport border service. For example, all forms of electronic cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), as required by the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Republic of India, are completely prohibited for carriage by passengers in all types of baggage, including hand baggage, as well as for carriage as cargo.

  • What are the rules for transporting replacement batteries?

    A spare battery may only be carried in hand baggage if it contains no more than 2 g lithium (for lithium metal batteries) and if lithium-ion batteries have a capacity of no more than 100 watt/hour. No additional request is required.

    Replacement batteries must be individually protected and either be in the manufacturer's original packaging or have their terminals insulated to prevent short circuits.

    If your batteries do not meet the above requirements, prior authorization is required. To confirm, please fill out this web form.

  • What are the rules for transportation of built-in batteries?

    Transportation is possible without an additional request under the following requirements:

    • for lithium metal batteries, lithium content is not more than 2 g;
    • for lithium-ion batteries, specific power is at most 100 watt/hour.

    One person may carry up to 15 built-in batteries in baggage or hand baggage. If lithium metal batteries contain more than 2g of lithium or if lithium-ion batteries exceed 100 watts/hr, prior authorization is required. To confirm, please fill out this web form.

  • Can I bring with me motorized vehicles (gyroscooter, monocycle)?

    According to safety regulations, small personal motorized vehicles powered by lithium batteries, such as

    • hover-board (gyro scooter);
    • mini-segway (scooter, segway, scooter);
    • air-wheel (single-wheeled gyro scooter);
    • solo-wheel (mono-wheel);
    • balance-wheel (compact electric monocycle);

    and other similar items are completely prohibited in all types of baggage on Air Astana flights.

  • What dangerous items are prohibited to take on a plane?

    Explosive substances, compressed gases (aerosols), flammable liquids, substances with high oxygen content, such as peroxides and bleaching powders, and toxic, radioactive, corrosive, harmful, stinking, irritating substances, as well as magnetic materials, may not be carried on Air Astana flights.