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For example: Baggage , Check-in

How can I claim missing points?

You can recover uncredited points yourself in your personal account on the website – Nomad Club – Account – Recover Uncredited Points, or by following the link.

  • Ticket numbers should be entered together without spaces or dashes.
  • When recovering points, the ticket number must be entered together: 4651234567890 (it should be 13 characters in total), you do not need to enter the coupon number indicated on the boarding pass 01, 02, for example 465123456789001.
  • The flight number must be entered with the airline code in Latin letters (for example, KC981).

If corrections were made to the ticket, such as a passenger name correction at the airport or a forced rebooking due to a delay or cancellation of the flight, the ticket number may have been changed. In such cases, you can contact sales offices or the call center to clarify the ticket number.

If you were unable to recover the points yourself due to a website error, you can contact the Nomad Club department via the link, attaching a screenshot of the error.

Allow us to also inform you that for your convenience, we ask you to provide your member number during booking or at check-in for the flight. This way, if the booking class is appropriate, the points will be automatically credited to your account.

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