Online Check-In

  • For which flights can I check in online?

    Online check-in (with the ability to print boarding passes) is open for the following routes:

    • Within Kazakhstan
    • From Kazakhstan to Istanbul (IST), Batumi (BUS), Bishkek (FRU), Tbilisi (TBS), Antalya (AYT) (except KC595, KC597), Bodrum (BJV) (except KC559, KC567), Male (MLE), Podgorica (TGD), Tashkent (TAS);
    • From Heraklion (HER), Amsterdam (AMS), Delhi (DEL), Dubai (DXB), Baku (GYD), Frankfurt (FRA), London (LHR), Bishkek (FRU), Istanbul (IST), Tbilisi (TBS), Batumi (BUS) to Kazakhstan.

    Online check-in without the possibility to print boarding passes is open for the following international routes:

    • From Kazakhstan to Heraklion (HER), Amsterdam (AMS), Frankfurt (FRA), London (LHR), Bangkok (BKK), Phuket (HKT), Dubai (DXB);
    • From Seoul (ICN), Male (MLE), Bodrum (BJV) (except KC560, KC568), Antalya (AYT) (except KC596, KC598), Tashkent (TAS), Bangkok (BKK), Phuket (HKT) to Kazakhstan.

    Online check-in is fully closed for the following charter flights:

    • KC595/596 Almaty – Antalya – Almaty,
    • KC559/560 Almaty – Bodrum – Almaty,
    • KC597/598 Astana – Antalya – Astana,
    • KC567/568 Astana – Bodrum – Astana.
    • Kazakhstan – Sharm-El-Sheikh – Kazakhstan

    Mobile check-in is open for the following routes:

    • From Astana, Almaty, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kyzylorda, Shymkent, Aktobe, Atyrau, Uralsk to other cities of Kazakhstan;
    • From Tbilisi, Bishkek, Istanbul, Dubai, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London to Kazakhstan;
    • From Almaty to Batumi, Bishkek, Istanbul, Male, Tashkent, Tbilisi, Podgorica.
  • How long does it take to check in online?

    Online check-in opens 36 hours before departure and ends 60 minutes prior to departure.

  • How early can I check in my baggage?

    You can drop off your baggage while check-in is open. It usually closes 40 minutes, and in some foreign airports, 60 minutes before departure. Airports have special counters for passengers who have already checked in online and only want to check their baggage. Or you can use any Air Astana check-in desk.

  • I need help checking in online. Who can help me?

    1. It is necessary to make sure that the data entered on the site is correct.
    2. Probably your airport does not have an online check-in option. 
    3. You are trying to check in an unaccompanied child or passenger on a stretcher or have paid for an extra seat.

    If you were unable to check in online, please do so at the airport check-in desks. Some airports (currently Almaty and Astana airports) have a self-check-in kiosk you can use in the terminal. 

  • Do I have to check in twice on connecting flights?

    You'll get all boarding passes at once when you fly with Air Astana flights. For some flights, there might be restrictions on the issuance of boarding passes, but check-in itself is available.

  • I want to check in my baggage online. Is it possible?

    You can specify the number of extra baggage spaces you want to buy online. 

  • My child is flying alone. Can I check in her/him online?

    No, unaccompanied children must arrive at the airport to check in before departure.
    Also, the web check-in is not available for:

    • passengers with an extra seat;
    • passengers on a stretcher.
  • I couldn't print my boarding pass when I checked in online.

    For the following passenger categories, check-in is also available online, but boarding passes cannot be printed out and must be collected at the airport:

    • passengers with infants and children;
    • passengers with youth fare tickets;
    • passengers with senior fare tickets;
    • passengers who have agreed with the airline's fraud prevention procedures;
    • and for all passengers who have a special service request in their bookings.

    For some international flights, this feature is still limited.

  • How do I cancel my online check-in?

    You can cancel your check-in by re-entering the online check-in service and choosing "Cancel check-in" at

    If you are flying from the Republic of Kazakhstan and want to change your departure date, please get in touch with the Air Astana ticket office. If you want to return a ticket purchased on another website or from a travel agency, contact a representative of that agency or website directly.

  • When does online check-in start?

    Online check-in is available as early as 36 hours and up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure time.

  • How much does the online check-in service cost?

    Seat selection in the cabin is free except for the MySEAT special seat selection service.