Hand luggage

  • What is hand luggage?

    Hand luggage is a passenger's belongings that remain with him throughout the flight and are under his responsibility. Cabin baggage is carried in and placed on the baggage rack above the passenger seat or under the front seat.

  • How to carry canned food in hand baggage or baggage on an airplane?

    There are no restrictions on the carriage of canned goods in baggage. The main thing is that the total weight of luggage should be at most the acceptable standards. You can take only cans up to 100 ml in hand baggage because canned goods contain liquid. The total volume of all fluids you carry should be less than 1 liter per passenger.

  • Can I carry pepper spray on an airplane?

    No, according to flight safety rules pepper spray can not be carried neither in hand baggage, nor in baggage.

  • How can I carry cheese on an airplane: in hand luggage or in my baggage? How much cheese can I take with me?

    You will need to check the entry/exit regulations of the country you are flying to or returning from.

  • How do I carry lenses on an airplane: in hand luggage or in my baggage?

    Lenses can be taken in hand luggage. Remember: the jar's volume with the solution should be at most 100 ml and any liquid. If you have more, placing it in your baggage is better.

  • Can I bring knitting or embroidery needles on an airplane?

    Any sharp objects are prohibited for carriage in hand luggage.

  • Can I carry syringes on an airplane?

    You can bring syringes in your hand luggage if you have a doctor's note confirming that the passenger will need an injection during the flight. In other cases, any hypodermic needles must be checked in the baggage.

  • Can I take a houseplant (e.g., a potted flower) as hand luggage?

    Yes, if the flower, pot, and other items in your hand baggage size are at most 56 x 45 x 25 cm. The weight of hand baggage also must comply with fare rules: up to 8 kg in Economy Class and up to 16 kg in Business Class.  If the flower is exotic, you must have a certificate that it is not poisonous. And you will also need to check the rules for the import/export of live plants and flowers to/from the country you are flying to or returning from.

  • Can I carry a thermometer on the airplane?

    Yes, you can take an electronic thermometer with you without any restrictions. A mercury-containing thermometer can only be taken in one piece per person and can only be transported in baggage and always in a protective case.

  • How do I carry a tonometer on an airplane: in hand baggage or in my baggage?

    Both mechanical and electronic, a Tonometer can be carried as convenient - both in hand baggage and in baggage. For an electronic tonometer carried in luggage, take care of good packaging and ensure that it will not be accidentally activated during the flight.

  • Can I take eyebrow tweezers in my hand luggage?

    Yes, you can.

  • How do I carry shampoo/hairspray/deodorant on an airplane: in my hand luggage or in my baggage?

    Liquids in containers up to 100 ml are allowed in your hand baggage. The total volume of all fluids must be at most 1 liter per passenger. You can take any volume of shampoo or hairspray in your baggage up to 0.5 liters. Flammable sprays may not be carried in baggage or hand baggage.

  • How can I carry nuts on an airplane: in hand luggage or in my baggage?

    You can take nuts both in your hand baggage and in your baggage. The main thing is to stay within the total allowable weight of hand baggage. Use airtight packages to keep them from sprinkling.

  • Can I carry a TV in the cabin?

    It is not allowed to carry televisions and other electrical household equipment in the passenger cabin. Please contact Air Astana's Commercial Cargo Department at cargo@airastana.com.

  • How do I bring a musical instruments on a plane?

    If you plan to carry large musical instruments, such as a cello or double bass, you should pay for an extra passenger seat in the cabin. Your agent or local airline office will assist you in purchasing a ticket for your instrument. The instrument's weight may be 75 kg, and the size may be 120 x 50 x 30 cm.

    Guitars, saxophones and other musical instruments of similar sizes may be carried as hand baggage if the sizes allow. Note that when placing musical instruments in the baggage, there is a risk that they will be damaged in transit. For more information please fill out this web form.

    If the weight of your musical instrument exceeds the free baggage allowance (23 kg in economy class and 32 kg in business class), you will pay a MyBAGGAGE fee.

  • How do I carry small appliances on an airplane: hairdryers, irons, curling irons?

    You can carry in your baggage any electrical appliances that you need on your trip. For example, an iron, blender, mixer, hair dryer or curling iron. You can also take small appliances in your hand baggage, but only under a few conditions:

    There are no prohibited items to be transported in the units.
    The total weight of hand baggage is at most 8 kg for Economy class and 16 kg - for Business class.

    The size of your hand baggage is at most 56 x 45 x 25 cm.

  • Can I take electronic cigarettes in my hand luggage?

    You can take it, but keep in mind that smoking in the cabin is strictly prohibited.

  • I'm on a connecting flight. Can I carry liquids from DutyFree in my hand luggage?

    You can if you did not leave the "sterile area" - DutyFree and the area at the boarding gate. If you went out into the city or the rest of the airport, all liquids should be checked in your baggage or packed in 100 ml containers if you are going to take them in your hand luggage.

  • Can I carry food in my hand luggage?

    If you want to take some food with you, check whether it is not forbidden by the customs regulations of the countries of departure and arrival.

    We recommend taking fruit or cereal bars, dried or fresh fruit, hard cheese, and nuts to the salon. Any liquid should be packaged in containers of 100 ml or less. This rule does not apply to drinks and food you bought at DutyFree or the gate after all the pre-flight formalities.

  • Can I carry fish on an airplane?

    Yes, you can carry any fish in your hand baggage or baggage: raw, salted or dried. Remember to pack it hermetically to protect other things from unpleasant odors and leaks.

  • How do I carry candy and sweets on the plane: in hand luggage or my baggage? How much can I take with me?

    You can carry candy freely. The main thing is to stay within the total allowable weight of hand baggage. A filling also does not matter: you can take candy with cognac or liquor, but then there is a chance of a little longer delay at customs.

    Cakes, lukum, and cakes are also allowed. Remember the secure packaging, preferably store-bought. On some international flights, especially to Europe, the cake is subject to customs restrictions on the import of dairy products - check separately for each country.

  • Can I carry scissors on an airplane?

    Scissors with blunt or rounded ends less than 3 cm long are allowed in the cabin. Any others are only allowed in baggage. At the same time, some countries prohibit the transportation of any scissors. Therefore, it is better to put them in the baggage after all.

  • How do I carry fruit on an airplane: in my hand luggage or baggage?

    It is possible to take fruit in hand luggage and baggage. If you carry fruit from abroad, you can take up to 5 kilograms in the cabin. If in Kazakhstan - no more than 10 kg. Make sure that the size of your hand baggage is 56 x 45 x 25 cm along with other items. If you carry a lot of fruit, pack it in a suitable container for the flight (box or box with handles) and put it in the baggage.

  • Can I carry in my hand luggage a baby stroller?

    In the passenger cabin of an airplane you can carry:

    • 1 portable crib;


    • 1 foldable baby carriage (maximum folded size 34x32x14cm);

    If the infant has a ticket with a seat, you can place the infant in the cradle from the stroller and place the cradle on the seat during the entire flight.  If an infant flies without a seat, parents hold him in their arms and place the stroller or crib on the baggage rack.

    It is also possible to carry a child car seat, but only if an air ticket for an infant with a separate seat. In this case, the width of the seat must be at most 41 cm, as it must have mounts for fixation on the passenger seat.

  • I'm flying with a baby. Can I use a baby stroller all the way to the gangway?

    At check-in at the airport, find out if you can return the stroller at the boarding gate. And if there is such a possibility, you can use the stroller until you board the plane. The airline employee will take it to the baggage compartment and return it to you after the flight, just like at the boarding ramp. 

    The stroller in the baggage compartment is transported according to the same rules as regular baggage and occupies a separate space. It is free of charge if you fly with a child. And if you're traveling without a baby, you'll need to pay for extra baggage space for the stroller. In doing so, take care to protect the stroller from damage. You can use a roomy plastic bag to pack, and removable fragile parts can be removed from the stroller and, if their size allows, carried in hand baggage.

  • Can I bring an external battery for my smartphone (power bank) on an airplane?

    You can, but only in hand luggage, and if the battery capacity is at most 160Wh.

  • Can I carry alcohol in my hand luggage?

    You can, but only the one you bought in Duty-Free after passing the security check. Alcohol purchased in Duty-Free must be packed in a securely sealed (sealed) plastic bag. You can't open it on board.
    You must put it in your baggage if you brought alcohol or bought it before the inspection.  In this case, take care of good packaging so that the container does not break (not crushed) in the baggage.

  • Can I take an umbrella on a plane?

    Yes, you can take a regular umbrella in addition to hand luggage if its sizes correspond to 56 x 45 x 25 cm. If it is a beach umbrella, put it in the baggage. Keep in mind that if an umbrella is not foldable and has a long pointed metal tip, it may not be allowed through security.

  • Can I take my medication along as hand luggage?

    Yes, you can. There are no restrictions for drugs in solid form (tablets, capsules, powders or pills). There may be a ban on bringing medications into the destination country; please fill out this web form in advance for verification. Note that if you are traveling with more than one airline, you should check the terms and conditions of the other airlines as well.

    Drugs in liquid form (syrups, tinctures, solutions, ointments, creams) are subject to other liquids' exact requirements and restrictions. The exception is in-flight medications that are vitally important. The airline allows you to take them in any quantity, but it is obligatory with an abstract from a medical history containing a doctor's prescription for such drugs.

    Aerosols can also be carried in hand baggage, but the weight of each preparation must be at most 0.5 kg or 500 ml.

    It is better to transport all medicines in their original packaging. If you are taking medication as prescribed by a doctor, take your doctor's prescription with you to use such medicines.

  • Where should I put my stuff in the cabin?

    Place your hand luggage in the overhead baggage racks or under the seat in front of you. If you are flying near an emergency exit, move your bags upstairs. Do not put stuff on the seat or in the aisles: it may interfere with the crew and other passengers moving around the cabin.

    If the flight attendant asks you to move your bags, it means it is required by flight safety rules, be sure to comply with his request.