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What items are not allowed in a hand luggage?

Any sharp objects are not allowed in the cabin. If you carry hypodermic needles, it is best to put them in your baggage or have a doctor's note stating that the passenger will need an injection during the flight. Also, you can not transport mercury thermometers and liquids in containers larger than 100 ml in your hand luggage.

Toy or model weapons will be confiscated at the security checkpoint and will not be allowed to be transported inside the cabin. Air Astana is not responsible if airport security seizes such items before departure.

Before your flight, remember to check that the bag you plan to take with you in the cabin does not contain any dangerous goods, prohibited items, or substances from this list.

Before you travel, find out the customs regulations of the country you are flying to. Some states (e.g., South Korea or European countries) restrict the import/export of certain products and substances. Make sure that you are not carrying anything forbidden.

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