MySEAT service

  • MySEAT Terms & Conditions

    • Chargeable seat MySEAT is only available on flights operated by Air Astana.
    • Reservation of 1st, 2nd, and emergency exit row seats (except 41st row) in Economy Class are not available on flights Almaty - London - Almaty and Astana - Frankfurt - Astana when Economy Sleeper is offered. 
    • Unaccompanied Minors cannot book chargeable seats. 
    • Nomad Club Diamond and Gold Members can reserve chargeable and any regular seats for free.
    • MySEAT cannot be purchased by Ticket Discount Certificate or Nomad club points but can be redeemed against Gift Card in own Air Astana ticketing offices across Kazakhstan. 
    • After purchase, the MySEAT can be rebooked for free to another date or changed to another available paid seat, as long as the route is not changed. The MySEAT is non-refundable. Route changes or refunds are not allowed, even if there are no available seats when voluntarily changed.
    • MySEAT can be changed for operational, safety or security reasons, even after the boarding. Air Astana will endeavor to seat you in a suitable alternative seat. Our crew will look for row with the same characteristic as has been booked before. 
    • MySEAT is not transferable to any other passengers.
    • Passengers travelling with animals cannot be seated on the 1st and Emergence exit rows.
  • What is MySEAT?

    MySEAT is a paid seat Booking service. The difference between paid seats is a more convenient location and characteristics.

  • What seats are available via MySEAT service?

    MySEAT seats depend on direction and board type. In most cases, MySEAT is 1st row of Business Class on domestic routes, 2nd and 4th row of Business Class aboard the Airbus A321 Long Range, 1st and 2nd row of Economy Class and seats in the Emergency Row, but there are exceptions.

  • How much does MySEAT cost?

    The cost starts at 6,000 KZT and depends on the direction, type of board and place. Paid MySEAT seats can be redeemed with Gift Cards at Air Astana's offices throughout Kazakhstan.

  • How to book the service?

    On the official website of, when booking a ticket or later via "Booking management" or 24 hours before departure at online check-in, through any Air Astana sales office and booking and information center, or at the agency that has booked your trip. Paid MySEAT seats can be redeemed with Gift Cards at Air Astana's offices throughout Kazakhstan.

  • On which flights is MySEAT service available?

    MySEAT seat is available only on flights operated by Air Astana.

  • What are MySEAT's limitations?

    • MySEAT is not available for unaccompanied children;
    • Passengers traveling with pets cannot purchase paid seats on the 1st and emergency rows;
    • There are also restrictions on emergency row seats.
  • What are the restrictions for reserving seats in the emergency row?

     - Passengers whose physical or mental condition can endanger the health of the other passenger or the safety of persons and property on board the aircraft and persons unable to open the emergency exit.
    - Children and teenagers (2-18 years old), including unaccompanied children;
    - Passengers with infants and/or children;
    - Passengers with pets;
    - Passengers whose physical condition does not allow them to move quickly;
    - Passengers who may not understand crew instructions in English, Russian or Kazakh;
    - Retired passengers;
    - Pregnant women;
    - Passengers who require a seat belt extension;
    - Passengers with disabilities;
    Passengers occupying the emergency exit seats must comply with aviation safety requirements.
    The crew members make the final decision concerning the emergency exit seats. In case of non-compliance with safety requirements, the crew will be forced to provide the passenger with an alternative seat without the possibility of a refund.

  • MySEAT for Nomad Club members

    Nomad Club Diamond and Gold members can book MySEAT seats for free. However, MySEAT cannot be purchased with Nomad Club frequent flyer points or Certificates.

  • Can I return or rebook MySEAT to another flight?

    Once paid, MySEAT cannot be rebooked, changed, or canceled except in cases of flight cancellation or delay due to the airline's fault or failure to provide the redeemed seat.

  • What happens to a purchased MySEAT if there is a change in departure time or flight cancellation or if the aircraft type is changed?

    Air Astana will try to provide the passenger with an alternative seat at a similar cost. If this is not possible, the passenger is entitled to a refund. The amount is refunded in full at the place of purchase.