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What are the restrictions for reserving seats in the emergency row?

 - Passengers whose physical or mental condition can endanger the health of the other passenger or the safety of persons and property on board the aircraft and persons unable to open the emergency exit.
- Children and teenagers (2-18 years old), including unaccompanied children;
- Passengers with infants and/or children;
- Passengers with pets;
- Passengers whose physical condition does not allow them to move quickly;
- Passengers who may not understand crew instructions in English, Russian or Kazakh;
- Retired passengers;
- Pregnant women;
- Passengers who require a seat belt extension;
- Passengers with disabilities;
Passengers occupying the emergency exit seats must comply with aviation safety requirements.
The crew members make the final decision concerning the emergency exit seats. In case of non-compliance with safety requirements, the crew will be forced to provide the passenger with an alternative seat without the possibility of a refund.

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