Bookings and registration

  • Booking rail transport in Germany

    Under the terms of a special agreement with AccesRail, the airline can offer an additional service - booking rail transportation. The ticket can only be issued in combination with an Air Astana flight.
    1) Astana - Frankfurt - Germany railway stations - Frankfurt - Astana
    2) Atyrau - Amsterdam - German railway stations - Amsterdam - Atyrau
    3) Astana - Istanbul - Brussels/Zurich* - German railway stations - Brussels/Zurich* - Istanbul - Astana
    4) Astana - Frankfurt - Brussels/Zurich* - German railway stations - Brussels/Zurich* - Frankfurt - Astana
    5) Astana - Almaty/Aktau - London - Brussels/Zurich* - German railway stations - Brussels/Zurich* - London - Almaty/Aktau - Astana
    -from Istanbul to Brussels/Zurich are operated by Turkish Airlines
    -from Frankfurt to Brussels/Zurich are operated by Lufthansa Airlines
    -from London to Brussels/Zurich operated by British Airways

  • Can I book a plane ticket for a kid after adult tickets have already been booked?

    Please contact the sales offices, WhatsApp advisors, or the Information and Booking Center to purchase your child's ticket. Our staff will issue a ticket for the child and make a note of the accompanying adult passenger.

  • Can I change the passenger on the ticket?

    It is not possible to change the passenger in the Booking and issued ticket.

  • Can I redeem a Booking on the website I booked through the Call Centre?

    No, but you can pay remotely via WhatsApp online sales channel or via chat on our Web-site .

  • Coupons on an airline ticket for transportation by train are not valid:

    Coupons on an airline ticket for transportation by train are not valid:

    • on car-shuttle services, special trains, Thalys and Cisalpino trains;
    • for trips within the range of public urban transport (when the arrival destination is within the fare zone of public transport);
    • on fare-based urban public transportation services (streetcar, buses, trolleybuses, electric trains, metro);
    • for travel on lines shared with maritime transportation.

  • Do I have to print out my ticket before I fly out?

    Printing out the ticket is unnecessary because all the data is stored electronically. To board a flight, all you need is an identity document.

  • Expiration date of AccesRail coupons for rail travel

    Rail coupons are valid:
    • on the day of arrival and the next day when flying to your destination;
    • on the day before departure and on the day of departure for return flights.

    Registration (opens 72 hours before departure) must be completed online or at the terminals (Frankfurt, Dusseldorf airports and main stations in Germany) by entering your last name, first name and reservation or ticket number on the website using two links:

    First link

    Second link

  • Fiscal receipt

    If you need a receipt for the purchase or refund of a ticket, you can upload it on, for this you need to go to the Booking and Management tab, then Management and then select Fiscal receipt.
    A fiscal receipt will be available for ticket purchases on or in the app, as well as for payment via payment link and at the airport check in desk. To generate a fiscal receipt, you will need to enter your last name as it appears on the ticket and your reservation number.
    A fiscal receipt will be available on third day after purchase or refund of an airline ticket.


  • For which trains/public transport is the AccesRail ticket valid?

    Coupons in the airline ticket for rail transportation are valid for:
    • travel from/to the airport to/from the railway station or city center;
    • public transportation between the railway station and the airport if there is no railway connection.

  • How do I send a resume?

    The airline's Human Resources Department does not accept emailed or hard-copy resumes. For a list of active job openings, please access our corporate website.

  • How long is my Booking valid?

    The validity of the Booking depends on the date of departure, destination, and fare. Please provide the correct cell phone number because, after the processing by the program, you will be sent an SMS with the date and time of cancellation of your Booking.

  • I can't book a ticket for a child. Why?

    This restriction is because the child cannot fly by himself. Suppose you want to send your child accompanied by an airline employee. In that case, you should contact the airline's representative office, sales offices, Chat on our web-site or WhatsApp consultants, or the Information and Booking Centre (Call Centre):
    +7 (727) 2 44 44 77, +7 (717) 2 58 44 77, WhatsApp:  +7 702 702 01 48.

  • I didn't fly the first leg of the trip (flight coupon). Can I fly back?

    Flight coupons must be used consecutively.
    If the sequence of coupons in  ticket is broken, the passenger with this ticket is not accepted for further transportation, and the unused coupon is not exchangeable or refundable regardless of the type of passenger (including infant's flight ticket).

  • I have not received my ticket via e-mail. Why?

    If the payment was successful, but the tickets still need to be delivered to e-mail, please check your spam folder in your mailbox. If there are no tickets in this folder, you can ask the sales office, Chat on our web-site or Call Centre to duplicate mailing of tickets.  

    Information and Booking Centre (Call Centre):

    • Tel. in Astana: + 7 (717) 258 44 77
    • Tel. in Almaty: + 7 (727) 244 44 77
    • WhatsApp consultant:  +7 702 702 00 74      
  • Invoice for electronic airline tickets

    An invoice is not available for electronic  airline ticket. For reporting to the accounting department it is necessary to keep your boarding pass, electronic ticket printout and a document confirming the fact of payment (fiscal receipt, bank card transaction statement, payment order). In case you don't have one of the above mentioned documents, you can apply for a flight confirmation certificate on our website for reporting to the accounting department as a confirmation from the airline. On the home page, open the "Reservations & Management" tab - "Confirmation Statements" - "Ticket Status Confirmation Statement" or follow the direct link. Help will only be available after 3 days from the date of departure or ticket refund.

  • What is a waiting list?

    If there are no seats available for a flight, it is possible to join a waiting list. In case of cancellation of tickets by other passengers - the available seat on the flight is sent to the system to confirm bookings from waiting list.
    In case a seat is confirmed from the waiting list - an SMS message will be sent to mobile phone indicated in the booking about time of buyout. If the seat is not confirmed,  notification will not be sent and the waiting list will be automatically cancelled one hour before departure.


  • Where can I book a ticket?

    Booking an air ticket is possible by contacting the Call Centre, WhatsApp consultants or Chat on our web-site, at the ticketing offices (contacts and addresses) and travel agencies. On the website and at the mobile application prebooking without ticket issuance is not carried out.

  • Withholdings for payments in foreign currency

    Air Astana will only charge the amount that appears on screen at the time of payment, without applying additional exchange rates, foreign currency payment terms or service fees. The bank that issued the card or payment system may use its internal exchange rate, special conditions for payment in foreign currency or withhold additional service fees. If you do not know the currency exchange rate, service fee rules and rules for making payments in foreign currency at your bank, we recommend that you contact your bank before making a payment. By clicking on the "Pay" button, you confirm that you have been notified of this. Air Astana cannot be held responsible for any additional fees charged by your bank or international payment system.