Bookings and registration

  • Can I book a plane ticket for a kid after adult tickets have already been booked?

    Please contact the sales offices, Live Chat/WhatsApp advisors, or the Information and Booking Center to purchase your child's ticket. Our staff will issue a ticket for the child and make a note of the accompanying adult passenger.

  • Can I change the passenger on the ticket?

    It is not possible to change the passenger in the Booking and issued ticket.

  • Can I redeem a Booking on the website I booked through the Call Centre?

    No, but you can pay remotely via Live Chat or WhatsApp online sales channels.

  • Do I have to print out my ticket before I fly out?

    Printing out the ticket is unnecessary because all the data is stored electronically. To board a flight, all you need is an identity document.

  • How long is my Booking valid?

    The validity of the Booking depends on the date of departure, destination, and fare. Please provide the correct cell phone number because, after the processing by the program, you will be sent an SMS with the date and time of cancellation of your Booking.

  • I can't book a ticket for a child. Why?

    This restriction is because the child cannot fly by himself. Suppose you want to send your child accompanied by an airline employee. In that case, you should contact the airline's representative office, sales offices, Live Chat/WhatsApp consultants, or the Information and Booking Centre (Call Centre):
    +7 (727) 2 44 44 77, +7 (717) 2 58 44 77, WhatsApp:  +7 702 702 01 48.

  • I didn't fly the first leg of the trip (flight coupon). Can I fly back?

    Flight coupons must be used consecutively.
    If the sequence of coupons in the ticket is broken, the passenger with this ticket is not accepted for further transportation, and the unused coupon is not exchangeable or refundable regardless of the type of passenger (including infant's flight ticket).

  • I have not received my ticket via e-mail. Why?

    If the payment was successful, but the tickets still need to be delivered to the post office, please check your spam folder in your mailbox. If there are no tickets in this folder, you can ask the sales office, Live Chat or Call Centre to duplicate the mailing of tickets.  

    Information and Booking Centre (Call Centre):

    • Tel. in Astana: + 7 (717) 258 44 77
    • Tel. in Almaty: + 7 (727) 244 44 77
    • WhatsApp consultant:  +7 702 702 01 48      
  • Where can I book a ticket?

    Booking a flight is possible by contacting the Information and Booking Center (Call Centre), consultants on WhatsApp and Live Chat, as well as in-house sales offices and travel agencies.  On the website of, Air Astana mobile app you can make a ticket.  

  • Why can the cost change after booking for future dates?

    Having a reservation does not guarantee the fixing of the indicated price for future dates, as when the same route is charged on subsequent days, the cost of transportation may vary depending on the exchange rate, increase or decrease in the level of fare or airport charges applicable on the day of ticket issuance.