Board code of conduct

  • Can I bring e-cigarettes on a plane?

    Yes, you can only carry it in your hand baggage.
    E-cigarettes and vaporizers must be protected from accidental activation. In the case of international transportation, please specify the rules for importing and exporting electronic cigarettes to/from the country of departure in the airport border service. For example, all forms of electronic cigarettes and electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), as required by the Ministry of Civil Aviation of the Republic of India, are completely prohibited for carriage by passengers in all types of baggage, including hand baggage, as well as for carriage as cargo.

  • Can I smoke e-cigarettes on board?

    No, smoking all types of cigarettes is prohibited on Air Astana flights. Significant monetary fines will be imposed for violations of the smoking ban.

  • Can I switch plane seats?

    No, we urge passengers to take their seats according to the boarding pass.

  • Can I take airline property off the plane?

    Monetary fines will be imposed for damaging airline-owned property and taking it off the plane.

  • Can I use electronic devices on board?

    Laptops, video cameras and players cannot be used during taxiing, take-off and landing.

    Cell phones and smartphones must be turned off immediately after closing the doors and turned off for the duration of the flight or switched to "Flight" mode.

    Radios, portable televisions and remote-controlled toys should only be used occasionally while on board.

  • Do I have to fasten my seat belts?

    If a passenger refuses to fasten his/her seat belt, Air Astana staff has the right to refuse to carry the passenger to the final destination.

  • What happens if I create a conflict situation on the plane?

    Suppose you create uncomfortable conditions for the other passengers and hinder the crew's work. In that case, the airline has the right to refer the passenger to law enforcement authorities and to limit the possibility of further use of the passenger services of the carrier.