Check-in rules

  • I don't make my connecting flight due to delay. What should I do?

    If Air Astana operates all flights, you will be transferred to the next one if there is room. If there are flights from another airline, you should confirm the delay at the departure airport and contact the second airline at the transfer airport.

  • What documents do children need to check in at the airport?

    A child must have a personal passport to travel abroad. The child's birth certificate is considered an identity document.

    When transporting minor children - citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan - accompanied by adult passengers, the airline may require a child's birth certificate, as well as documents confirming kinship and (or) the legal right to transport the minor passenger.

  • Can check-in rules be different for code-share flights?

    If you are flying on a code-share flight, please check the policies of other airlines (current air carriers) regarding check-in deadlines and other procedures. The rules and regulations of the current air carrier apply.

  • Does check-in time extend for a delayed flight?

    Up-to-date information on flight delays and check-in deadlines will be provided via SMS notification to your cell phone number indicated in your Booking.

  • How can I find out the actual departure time of my flight in case of changes?

    Please check flight status on our website

    Please enter an active cell phone number and an e-mail address when booking your ticket to receive appropriate notifications from us.  

    We will not use your contact information for marketing purposes without your consent.

  • Do I have to check in online?

    It is unnecessary, but online check-in will help you avoid crowding passengers in the check-in area at the airport and save you time. Online check-in allows you to choose a suitable seat in the cabin and purchase an additional piece of baggage. You can register by following this link

  • What time do I have to be at the airport?

    For domestic flights, check-in begins in 1.5 hours and ends in 40 minutes.  For international flights in 3 hours, it ends in 1 hour.