MyBAGGAGE service (extra baggage)

  • MyBAGGAGE terms & conditions

    • Pre-paid Additional Baggage is available for flights operated on Air Astana only.
    • The rates for pre-paid Additional Baggage apply to a one-way trip (outbound or return) to the place of the stopover or the final destination.
    • Your pre-paid Additional Baggage is non-transferable to another passenger.
    • Your pre-paid Additional Baggage has to be used in combination with the ticket you bought the extra baggage for.
    • Air Astana’s Rules of Air Carriage of Passengers and Baggage is an integral part of these conditions.
    • You are required to ensure that all the information you provide when making your reservation and purchasing the pre-paid Additional Baggage is complete.
    • A pre-paid Additional Baggage cannot be purchased with the Travel Discount Certificate (TDC), the Gift Card, any voucher or Nomad Club points.
    • You can pre-pay for up to 10 pieces of additional baggage.
  • Air Astana baggage allowance

    Baggage allowance is determined according to the purchased ticket. The weight of one piece of baggage varies according to the booking class of the ticket (but cannot exceed 32 kg according to sanitary regulations):

    • Business Class - 2 baggage items up to 32 kg each
    • Premium Economy Class in Embraer 190-E2 - 2 baggage items up to 32 kg each
    • Sleeping Economy Class - 2 baggage pieces up to 23 kg each
    • Economy Class - 0 to 2 baggage pieces up to 23 kg each.

    The total sizes of each piece of baggage (length + width + height) are at most 158 cm. The additional baggage allowance is intended to increase your baggage allowance when you need it.

  • More information about the extra baggage service

    If more than the baggage allowance on the ticket is needed, Air Astana can buy an additional baggage allowance. It can be an extra piece of baggage, weight, or the size of a single seat. If you purchase an extra piece of luggage more than 36 hours before your flight, a 30% discount applies.

  • How can I purchase an extra baggage item at a discount?

    You can purchase extra baggage online with up to 30% discount up to 36 hours before your flight departure.

    Check the price of extra baggage on our official website It is necessary open the tab "Information" - "Baggage" - "Extra baggage". On the window that opens to view extra baggage fees, select your departure city and click "search".

    You will be provided with the fare grid, where you can find out actual cost of additional luggage, cost with discount, cost for overweight, as well as for the place of oversized luggage on the selected direction.

    You can purchase additional baggage online, at check-in desk at the airport, at Air Astana sales office, travel agency or with the help of our Call Center.

  • Where can I get an extra baggage?

    An extra piece of baggage can be purchased on the airline's website during travel arrangements, in "Booking Management" and during online check-in, at sales offices, booking and information center, at Air Astana check-in desks before departure, or at the agency that arranged the trip.

  • What are the baggage allowance privileges for Nomad Club members?

    If you are a Nomad Club member, you have additional baggage allowance privileges depending on your membership level. For Diamond and Gold level participants, extra 2 pieces of baggage (23 kg each for Economy class / 32 kg each for Business class). For Silver level participants - 1 piece. However, Nomad Club points cannot be used to purchase extra baggage.

  • What is the fare for extra baggage if the trip consists of several flights (with connection)?

    On through routes with one or more stops less than 36 hours, Extra Baggage's rate is charged once for the whole journey. On through routes with one or more stops/stops over 36 hours or a U-turn: the rate for Extra Baggage is charged for each flight segment. In case the transportation is performed using separate tickets for each route segment, Extra Baggage is charged according to the published fares for each route indicated in the tickets.

  • Can I arrange for extra baggage on a flight with another airline?

    The published norms of free baggage allowance apply only on flights operated by Air Astana. On flights operated jointly with other airlines, the rules of the carrier airline use. If the carriage is performed on flights of two or more carriers, including flights operated jointly with other airlines, the baggage allowance of the dominant carrier on the route applies. In this case, payment for the carriage of baggage over the ticketed allowance is made according to the actual quantity and weight before the flight.

  • Can I return the extra baggage service?

    Extra baggage may be returned before or after departure upon confirmation that the service has not been used.

  • What is the maximum weight of one undivided item of baggage?

    One undivided item of baggage may be at most 32 kg, including a surcharge for extra baggage allowance. Baggage items weighing more than 32 kg are not accepted for carriage as checked baggage. It is necessary to arrange transportation using the services of cargo transportation.