MyPress service

  • What is MyPress?

    MyPress allows you to access a wide variety of press in more than 20 languages, including International New York Times, Financial Times, Vogue, Hurriyet and others. Take the opportunity to download e-magazines and e-newspapers to your devices before or after your flight.

  • How to use MyPress?

    To gain access, enter your name and Booking number in the appropriate section of the site and follow the instructions.

  • How long is the assortment available?

    Free downloads are available 36 hours before your flight and up to 36 hours after.

  • Can I use MyPress if I don't have a ticket?

    Yes, you can use MyPress without buying a ticket. To do this, select the appropriate option on our website in the MyPress section and choose the press of interest from the assortment presented. You must purchase access to some of the media.