Air Astana gift cards

  • What is Air Astana gift card?

    Air Astana offers its passengers unique gift cards of 30,000, 50,000, and 100,000 KZT, which can be exchanged for tickets to any destination.

  • What is the cost of gift cards?

    Available gift card denominations are 30 000, 50 000 and 100 000 KZT.
    The cost is equal to face value: there are no additional commissions or fees.

  • Where can I buy gift cards?

    Gift card can only be sold in Air Astana ticketing office located in Kazakhstan.

  • Can I return or exchange a purchased gift card?

    Cards are not refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. No cash refund in case the fare paid is lower than the gift card's value. Gift Cards, including those lost, stolen, or destroyed, will not be replaced by Air Astana for any reason.

  • How and where can I use my gift card?

    Tickets for gift cards are issued only at the airline's offices. You can only use gift cards to purchase tickets (including taxes and fees) on flights operated by Air Astana. A gift card can be redeemed for one ticket. For redemption of one ticket can be used several gift cards.

  • What is the expiration date of the gift card?

    Gift card validity is 1 (one) year from the purchase date. During this period card must be redeemed, ticket must be issued. A card with an expired validity date does not produce a ticket. Unused or expired gift card is non-refundable.

  • Can I use my gift card to purchase additional airline services?

    Gift cards may not be used for any additional Air Astana services or products (including class upgrades, baggage fees, Nomad Club frequent flyer program points, or the purchase of branded promotional products).

  • What rules apply to tickets purchased with a gift card?

    Tickets purchased with Gift Cards are subject to the applicable Air Astana fare rules. No cash refund in case the fare paid is lower than the gift card's value.