Seasonal or operational schedule changes

  • What is the difference between operational and seasonal schedule changes?

    Operational changes are schedule changes made within the next 72 hours before departure due to strikes, bad weather conditions, airport closures, technical reasons, etc. (unplanned).

    Schedule changes for winter or summer navigation that occur more than 72 hours prior to departure are seasonal schedule changes and/or flight cancellations.

  • What does the airline offer when there are seasonal schedule changes.

    With seasonal schedule changes, the airline offers:

    • Re-bookings are made without penalty. At the same time, rebooking is allowed only for flights that depart within the next 2 days (2 days before the delayed flight or 2 days after the delayed flight) or for the next scheduled flight (if there is no departing flight within 2 days), rebooking is also allowed for the next flight with similar departure time (despite the availability of other flights within 2 days);

    • If the ticket has been changed 1 time for the next flights/dates with passenger's consent and confirmation, the next changes (dates) are made according to the rules of fare application;

    • A full refund is allowed even after one rebooking if the passenger applies before the departure time of the changed flight;

    • If a passenger applies after the actual closure of check-in, the ticket is rebooked or refunded with a surcharge for no-show.

  • What does the airline offer in case of operational schedule changes?

    In case of operational schedule changes, depending on the time of delay, the airline offers a +/- 1 day rebooking or a full refund. For more information please contact us.