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For example: Baggage , Check-in


The ticket will be refunded at the place of purchase.
If you bought a ticket through an agency, to initiate refund of the ticket, you need to contact the agency at the place of purchase.
If you purchased a ticket on the official website of the airline , then you can initiate the refund on home page go to “Book & Manage” – “Manage” – “Online refund”. Also you may use direct link below
Information to enter on the site:
- number of booking;
- purchase date;
- contact name;
- email used for booking;
- ticket number;
- 4 last digits of credit card number used for payment.
If there are several passengers, ticket number and refund amount will be shown for each of them. You also may issue refund for only one ticket, leaving active the rest. By accepting Terms and Conditions you confirm the refund. Amount will be transferred within 5-7 working days.
In other cases, in order to quickly process your claim for a refund, please fill out the following form:

Refund or rebooking

If you are unable to send a request from the email address provided at the time of booking, please include the passenger's identification document number as well as the reservation number in the request description.



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