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For example: Baggage , Check-in

I already bought a ticket, but now I want to add baggage or select seats. How to do it?

To add baggage or select seats, go to "Manage your Bookings" website or the Air Astana mobile app. In the "Manage Bookings" section, click on the "Manage Bookings" tab and select "Additional services" from the drop-down list. On the page that opens, you can choose the service you need.

  • MySEAT paid seat Bookings are available through "Manage booking" no later than 24 hours before departure;
  • the purchase of additional baggage (MyBAGGAGE service) is available online with a 30% discount at least 36 hours before departure.

Both services are available during online check-in, at sales offices, call centre, Air Astana check-in desks before departure, or at the agency where was the ticket bought.

Detailed information about the rules for the provision and use of services can be found at the link.


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