Voluntary travel insurance for abroad

  • How does it work?

    Travel health insurance can be arranged on the airline's website. Insurance is provided in partnership with Amanat Insurance Company.

  • What is included?

    Medical expenses covered up to 100,000 EUR. It is no-deductible health insurance with the possibility to plan medical treatment abroad. It also covers:
    Reimbursement of medical expenses for in-patient or out-patient treatment;
    Medical repatriation;
    Our online policies cover injuries from outdoor activities;
    The extended option with COVID-19 coverage has been designed especially for customers buying a policy on Air Astana's website: Amanat will reimburse medical expenses for up to 10 days of out-patient treatment or up to 14 days of in-patient treatment, even if the insurance policy expires during the recovery period.

  • How do I get it?

    Fill out the form and select the country of travel, and the desired amount of insurance coverage, include (if necessary) COVID-19 disease risk coverage, and read the conditions carefully. After payment, you will receive a policy from Amanat Insurance Company to your e-mail address.

  • Claim settlement options

    • Option 1

    Via the Remed Assistance Service Company
    The Service Company arranges the medical care 24/7 and covers the costs.
    Required steps:
    Report the insured event to the Service Company using the numbers indicated in the insurance policy.
    The service company clarifies the case's circumstances and arranges medical care for the client in the most convenient way.
    The insured client receives medical care.
    The service company reimburses the costs to the client on behalf of the Amanat IC.

    For calls
    For WhatsApp, IMO, Viber, Telegram messages
    Entire world +90 242 310 28 26, +90 531 250 45 96 and/or +7 916 488 51 85, +41 78 856 07 42
    Turkey +90 242 310 28 24, +90 531 250 45 96 and/or +7 916 488 51 85, +41 78 856 07 42
    The Arab countries (Egypt, UAE and others) +2 022 413 73 25, +2 010 663 634 44 and/or +2 010 235 438 38, +41 78 856 07 42

    • Option 2

    The insured pays for the medical expenses on his own.
    The insurance company reimburses expenses upon arrival in Kazakhstan. Required steps:
    The insured person independently applies for medical assistance.
    The insured person pays medical expenses. He keeps the originals of medical documents, invoices and receipts for further submission to Amanat IC.
    Within 3 (three) business days from the day of the insurance event, the insured person notifies Remed Assistance Service Company or Amanat IC about the insured event.
    Within 30 calendar days after returning to the Republic of Kazakhstan, applies for reimbursement of their expenses.
    The insured person receives compensation within 15 working days after submitting documents.

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