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Meet&Greet Terms and Conditions

1. The Meet&Greet service (the Service) includes:

  •  Meeting at the entrance to the terminal or at the meeting point at the airport of departure/arrival
  •  Priority passenger and baggage check-in
  • Accompanying the passenger to the gate, meeting upon arrival
  •  Delivery of the baggage to a meeting point at the airport of arrival upon the passenger’s arrival
  • Accompanying the passenger to the exit from the terminal upon arrival

2. Responsibilities of the Parties

Air Astana reserves the right to cancel or change any Meet & Greet package.

The Airline bears no responsibility for any loss, damage or expenses associated with unavoidable,emergency, unforeseen circumstances that are beyond the Airline’s control, the effects of which cannot be avoided even with proper measures taken, including but not limited to delays or changes in the schedule, technical or maintenance related problems, illnesses, unfavorable weather conditions, natural and manmade disasters involving third parties, wars, acts of terrorism, epidemics, pandemics, quarantine or other reasons. In this case, you bear full responsibility for such losses, damages or expenses incurred.

2.1  You agree to compensate us for losses arising from all claims, losses, costs and expenses (including legal costs) which the Airline has suffered as a result of your act or omission or an act or omission of another person with respect to your ticket reservation in the course of booking or using the Service.

2.2  Under no circumstances should the Airline bear any responsibility to you for any indirect, consequential or punitive damages.

2.3  The Service is valid only for passengers of the flights operated by Air Astana and for passengers whose tickets bear Air Astana’s two-letter code (KC). This program does not cover any codeshare and/or interline flights (operated by Air Astana or other airlines; or operated jointly by other airlines and Air Astana).

2.4  The Client bears responsibility for:

  • Arrival at the appointed time and place to meet with the Service Representative
  • Provision of a valid telephone number to be contacted if needed
  •  Validity, lawfulness and duration of carriage documents, visas and evidences of a permit for
    departure/entry from/to the countries of departure/arrival
  • Provision of ticket reservation details, flight date and number.

2.5If the Client cannot appear at the appointed time and place, the Client shall contact the Airline Representative at the given phone number not later than 60 minutes before the meeting time.

2.6  In case the Client appeared at the appointed time and place but did not meet the Service Representative, the Client should contact the Representative within 15 minutes at the given phone number otherwise the Service will be deemed properly provided.

2.7  The Client shall notify the Airline well in advance of non-standard or excess baggage to be helped with baggage check-in. In any case, carriage of baggage that does not meet the Airline’s standards shall be the Client’s responsibility.

2.8  The Client shall agree with the Airline on the time sufficient to pass all procedures at the airport and for boarding in a timely manner. The recommended time of meeting is 2 hours but not less than 60 minutes before the departure of the flight the passenger’s ticket is booked for. The Airline bears no responsibility for untimely provision of the Service by the Service Representative, except when the Client proves that the Service has not been provided due to negligence or a deliberate action or omission on the part of the Service Representative.

2.9  The Airline has the right to change the cost of the Service if the reservation has not been confirmed yet.

3. Service delivery terms

The prices include 2-hour service before departure and 2-hour service upon arrival. The period starts 2 hours before the scheduled departure of the flight and upon arrival of the flight.

The Service cost does not cover excess baggage, all types of insurance, including baggage insurance,

travel insurance, visa fees and passport stamp fees, as well as other expenses not covered by the Service.

The maximum time of Service delivery is 2 hours before departure and/or upon arrival.

4. Restrictions

Reservations must be made at least 12 hours before the scheduled arrival/departure time for Almaty-Astana, Astana-Almaty directions. For the Meet&Greet Service, the number of passengers in a group reservation shall not exceed 9, including children and infants. The Service shall be paid for each passenger individually, whether or not the passengers are included in the same reservation, in groups, including passengers who are a family.

The Meet&Greet Service cannot be purchased using points of the Nomad Club frequent flyer program

or Certificates.


The Meet&Greet Service can be purchased with Gift Cards in Air Astana’s own offices within the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Once the Meet&Greet Service is paid for, it cannot be re-booked, changed or canceled, except where

the flight is canceled or delayed through Air Astana’s fault.


The Meet&Greet Service cannot be re-booked for other passengers.


The Meet&Greet Service does not include such activities as:

  • Signing any documents on your behalf and/or for your benefit
  • Making any payment on your behalf and/or for your benefit
  • Purchasing any services/goods on your behalf and/or for your benefit
  • Picking up/accepting/delivering on your behalf and/or for your benefit any items/documents/food from and to anyone, except for your baggage that has been checked-in according to these RulesProcuring a visa or other documents needed for departure from or entry to a country or city.

5. Refund

A refund for the Meet&Greet Service is made in the following cases:

  • The flight is delayed for more than 2 hours through the Airline’s fault
  • The flight is canceled through the Airline’s fault
  • The flight schedule is changed through the Airline’s fault

To get a refund for the Meet&Greet Service, please contact the place where you purchased the Service

An exception is when the Service was booked at travel agencies located outside the Republic of


In this case, for the refund contact via Help Centre.

The Airline does not refund cash at the airport or on board the aircraft.

A refund is made to the bank card used for payment within 5–7 business days.

In case of a no-show at the appointed time and place, the Meet&Greet Service is non-refundable.

6. Miscellaneous

Air Astana reserves the right to amend these Rules and Conditions as it thinks fit. By purchasing the

service you agree to these Meet&Greet Rules and Conditions.


These Rules and Conditions shall be read in conjunction with Air Astana’s Terms and Conditions of

Carriage, Website Terms of Use, and Privacy and Security Policy that are available at

Air Astana’s omission to exercise any of its rights shall not be deemed a waiver or relief of such rights in the future.

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