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What is the best way to pack bags?

Put stuff in a bag, suitcase, or other packages with handles. Check that the locks and clasps are working properly. If you carry crates or boxes, tie your baggage so the handles can hold it. Ensure the straps and ropes are strong and not torn during transport.
No objects should stick out of the baggage: they can damage other passengers' luggage, the plane and injure people. Do not tie 2 bags together, even if both belong to you. In this case, make two pieces of baggage or put things in one bag.
On the way, bags can get wet or dirty because of rain, snow, or someone else's poorly packed baggage. The suitcase will stay clean and dry if you wrap it in a case or film before the flight.
Before you check in your baggage, remove all stickers and tags from previous flights. Ensure your luggage does not contain documents or medicines you may need during the flight and that all fragile items are securely packed.

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