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What does 1PC mean on my flight ticket?

The abbreviation PC stands for baggage space (from the English piece concept). The number in front of the abbreviation is the number of bags or suitcases you can take with you at the fare.  The total size of each piece of baggage (length + width + height) may not exceed 158 cm. The weight of permitted luggage varies depending on the booking class as well as the selected fare:

Business Class - 2 pieces of baggage up to 32 kg each
Premium Economy - 2 pieces of baggage up to 32 kg each
Sleeping Economy Class - 2 pieces of baggage up to 23 kg each
Economy Class - (Basic fare - 0 kg, Classic fare - 1 piece of baggage up to 23 kg, Plus fare - 2 pieces of baggage each up to 23 kg)

If you need to take more baggage than the class and fare you have selected and your Nomad Club membership level does not allow you to take advantage of the extra baggage allowances, the solution is to purchase additional baggage.

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