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List of items accepted for shipment

The following types are accepted for delivery:

1) Documents weighing not more than 5 kg.

2) Parcels weighing not more than 5 kg and with dimensions not more than 35*45*15 cm.

3) Identification documents of certifying or title establishing nature in an amount not exceeding 5 pieces in one envelope.

Medicines and medical supplies are accepted for shipping in parcels through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan only upon presentation of a fiscal receipt, electronic invoice indicating the name of the drug. Biosamples, laboratory tests, medicines that require temperature control, medicines packed with coolant, any liquid medicines and medicines in ampoules are not allowed for shipping.

 Items and substances prohibited for shipping:

1) all types of dangerous goods;

2) combat handguns, civilian and service weapons, ammunition, spare parts and accessories for them, sports bows and crossbows, weapons intended for the supply of light, smoke and sound signals, electric weapons, electric shock devices and spark dischargers, cold bladed weapons, flails, brass knuckles, shurikens, boomerangs and other adapted objects of percussive, throwing and stabbing-cutting action, except for sports projectiles, special technical means of dual-use and their components;

3) narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors;

4) nuclear materials, radioactive, strong, caustic, explosive and flammable substances, blasting means, pyrotechnic substances and products using them, and other dangerous substances;

5) poisons, poisonous animals, poisonous substances, poisonous plants and seeds;

6) national currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign currency;

7) printed publications, visual materials, film, photo, audio and video materials containing propaganda or agitation of violent change of the constitutional system, violation of the integrity of the Republic of Kazakhstan, undermining the security of the state, war, social, racial, national, religious, class and clan superiority, the cult of cruelty, violence and pornography; 

8) perishable goods and food;

9) items that by their nature or packaging may pose a danger to postal employees or soil or deface other postal items and postal equipment;

10) liquids, oils;

11) plants and flowers;

12) smartphones, smart-watches, phones, laptops, tablest and other equipment containing lithium-ion batteries;

13) valuable shipments (bank cards, silver, gold, precious stones, etc.)

14) fragile items made of glass, crystal, etc.

*The airline has the right to refuse transportation if the shipment does not comply with the dimensions allowed for delivery or in case of doubtful content.

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