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List of items accepted for shipment

Items accepted for shipment:

1) Medicines and medical goods up to 3 kg and sizes not exceeding 35*30*24cm within the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and only upon provision of fiscal receipt, ESF indicating the name of the drug. Biosamples, laboratory tests, medicines requiring temperature control, medicines packed with refrigerant, any liquid medicines are not allowed for shipment.

2) Parcels, unit weight of which does not exceed 5 kg and sizes not more than 35*45*15cm only in the directions, Almaty - Atyrau, Almaty - Astana such as:
-spare car parts (without batteries and fluids),
-clothes, shoes.
Prohibited to send:
-items containing perishable substances in their composition,
-smartphones, phones, laptops, equipment containing lithium ion batteries,
-valuable shipments of silver, gold, precious stones, etc.
To calculate the cost of parcels, you need to select the type of parcel "Mail items up to 3 kg", "Mail items from 3 to 5 kg".
The airline has the right to refuse transportation to the client if the parcel and other shipment types do not meet standards acceptable for transportation or have questionable content.

3) Written correspondence and parcels up to 3 kilograms and sizes not exceeding A3 format and 350x450cm, respectively.

4) Documents of certifying or statutory character, including an identity card, passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate, vehicle registration, driving license, diploma of education, certification, and documents certifying the right of ownership.

5) Parcels and other types of items are accepted for shipment through the territory of Kazakhstan. When calculating the cost you must select the type of "other shipments" for the following items: vehicle registration plates (not more than 2 pieces per vehicle); stamps and seals (not more than 2 pieces); vehicle keys with remote control without batteries (not more than 2 pieces) and real estate (not more than 5 pieces in a bundle); external hard drives (not more than 1 piece); USB flash drives (not more than 2 pieces); CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and Blu-ray discs (not more than 10 pieces). To calculate the cost of parcels, you need to select the type of shipment, "Letter post / parcels up to 1 kg".

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